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Service Commitment


1. We make pre-salesin sale and after sale service and technical consultation to the product according to ISO9001 quality assurance system strictly and meet the buyer's need. Solve the worries behind of the buyer.

2. Before signing a contract, we should give the exact and timely product information and price information.

3. After signing a contract,  the product and price will not change. If the buyer appoint their person to the factory to supervise manufacturing, the supplier will cooperate the work with the buyer actively and provide the convenience to the them. We should improve the quality if the person(from the buyer) lived in our factory present the comment of quality of electric cable.

4. Before the factory inspection, welcome the buyer appoint their person to our factory to spot check the any production link, we will provide the convenience to the buyer.

5. Before shipment,  we will inform the buyer and provide the product quality guarantee and delivery note to the buyer.

6. When shipment, deliver the goods to the specified place of delivery by proper transportation ways and packing and according to the demand of the contract.

7. When we deliver the electric cable to the buyer, the packing pallet is damaged because of the transportation, we will appoint our person to handle it till buyer is satisfied. 

8. If the customer order the goods urgently, when we receive the fax or valid document, we will inform all of our domestic office to deliver the goods in the shortest time.

9. We will repair、replace、refund、compensate the loss if we confirm the quality problem is caused from manufacturing

10 If we both sides can not confirm the quality, we can submit the goods to the inspection bureau and take its result as the standard. If the test result is unqualified, we will assume the sample cost、transportation cost、handling cost、test cost and so on.

11. The time of warranty of electric cable is 24 months after it is checked and accepted and used. If the quality problem caused by manufacturing happens within the time of warranty , we will be responsible for it.

12. Out of the time of warranty, we will perform service and guarantee all the same.








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